Part of Redbridge in Slough

A post by me about the housing crisis on Barkingside 21 which ends,

If you mind about this, then how about checking the manifestos (when they’re published) of the political parties running candidates in Redbridge. The candidates should be asked questions about housing at the hustings. How will their party support councils to build affordable homes for rental in the borough? Will it ensure covenants on any homes sold under right to buy to keep them affordable in perpetuity, and will it replace the bought homes with new ones for rent? What do the candidates themselves want for housing in Redbridge? Will they be hospitable to incomers, or will they be nimbies? And questions for the council: will it be borrowing money from the Treasury? If so, what are the terms? Does it consider it ethical to allocate housing on the basis of connections with the local area rather than, as previously, need?


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